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James Bishop-Edwards

Guitar and Lute

Audio and Video Scrapbook

These videos and music are of interest primarily to family and friends, being mostly home productions and not of professional quality, but I thought it would be fun to share them.


My Romance – recorded at my apartment in Santa Barbara in the late 90’s. I was going through my “F. Scott Fitzgerald” phase (in more ways than one); reading his books, and Dorothy Parker’s, among others. Schmaltz has always come easily to me.


  • 1 Honeysuckle Rose
  • 2 My Romance
  • 3 The Most Beautiful Girl
  • 4 Makin’ Whoopee
  • 5 They Can’t Take That Away From Me
  • 6 All The Things You Are
  • 7 Walking My Baby Back Home
  • 8 Tea for Two
  • 9 I’m Old Fashioned
  • 10 The Man In The Moon

Canarios – Another home recording, and all ‘one takes’ with no edits; from 2004.  I had just sold this wonderful Baroque guitar by Michael Schreiner, and wanted to document it before shipping.  The Baroque guitar is a five string instrument essentially, but each string is doubled.  What would be the low A on a classical guitar is tuned an octave higher.  There is no low E.  The Baroque guitar is essentially a treble instrument, with no bass register to speak of.  Despite the imperfections in some of my performances, the music is really delightful, and shines through.


    • 1 Aria di Fiorenza-Calvi​
    • 2 Canarios – Murcia
    • 3 Canarios – Sanz
    • 4 Chaconne de Harlequin-Anon
    • 5 Chaconne-Corbetta
    • 6 Corrente Francese-Calvi
    • 7 Forlana-Anon
    • 8 Gavotte-Roncalli
    • 9 Gigue-Roncalli
    • 10 Gigue-Tancrede
    • 11 La Babiere, Minuet
    • 12 La Mia Donna Importuna-Calvi
    • 13 Menuet-DeVisee
    • 14 Passacaille-DeVisee
    • 15 Pavan-San
    • 16 Prelude-Corbetta​
    • 17 Prelude-DeVisee
    • 18 Preludio-Roncalli
    • 19 Sarabande-Roncalli
    • 20 Sua Corrente-Calvi


Musings for Guitar and Violin

James Edwards, Guitar
Andrew Ehrlich, Violin

Digital Download Only


  • 1. Erato
  • 2. Terpsichore
  • 3. Euterpe
  • 4. Calliope

Cowboy's Dream no. 19 by Dan Hicks

by James Bishop-Edwards and Dan Johnson

James and Dan Johnson performing at Andersen’s bar in Buellton, CA  ca. 1976

Cowboy’s Dream – with Dan Johnson.  Danny is an old friend I met in high school in the Santa Ynez Valley (just north of Santa Barbara); we played bars and gigs in the mid 70’s.  To this day, Dan is still one of the best singers I’ve ever known.  Obviously this recording is “low fidelity”; recorded on a cassette in a bar, just for fun.


Alborozo – possibly the strangest gig I’ve ever had.  Certainly one of the more dangerous ones.  I was just trying to play Spanish pieces that would fit what the horse was doing; it was completely unrehearsed.  The trainer/rider said, before the show, “sometimes we will get a little close, but don’t worry”.